Our highest priority is the comfort, health & safety of our guests and employees.
In response to the recent development of the Covid-19, Le Narcisse Blanc is following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and competent authorities:
our hotel is temporarily closing until further notice.

Le Narcisse Blanc will not apply cancellation fees for all reservations up to the 30th of April 2020.
For any questions concerning your future reservations,
our Management team remains at your disposal and will personally reply.

T. 00(33) 1 40 60 44 32

Please take good care. ×

白水仙 (Le Narcisse Blanc) | 巴黎核心区的奢华水疗酒店

白水仙 (Le Narcisse Blanc) | 巴黎核心区的奢华水疗酒店



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